With the rising cost of manufacturing, new units and increasing lead times, replacing old with new isn’t necessarily a financially viable option.

Carters specialise in making modifications and changes which increase equipment uptime and reduce the total purchase price.

We Specialise in Pulley Refurbishment

We provide detailed strip and inspect and rebuild reports, and safely package all pulleys for transport and all-weather storage.

With warranty periods and design, supply and lagging options, we can cater for offsite and onsite services.

With the rising cost of manufacturing, new units and increasing lead times, replacing old with new isn’t necessarily a financially viable option.

Carters specialise in making modifications and changes which increase equipment uptime and reduce the total purchase price.

We provide drafting and engineering services, enabling us to craft your ideas into innovative designs.

We use our expert Project Managers to drive your requirements from initiation and planning through to execution and completion.

Refurbished Pulleys

Carters refurbished pulleys are built with the goal of achieving the maximum service life from a conveyer system. Carters refurbishment are not an OEM, this gives the versatility for the highest quality products on the market to be selected and installed during the refurbishment of your conveyer components. These components are paired with the SKF certified pulley rebuilding team to deliver a professional conveyer pulley refurbishment service based in Bathurst, NSW.

Pulley Servicing

Pulleys are completely disassembled, and serviceability is assessed on each component using an in-depth live reporting system, allowing us to provide prompt quotes for refurbishment. Assessment

  • bearing inspection and RCA as requested
  • shaft dimensional conformance inspection
  • shell dimensional conformance inspection
  • NDT inspection of shaft
  • shell and lagging inspection

Once an assessment has been finalised, Carters deliver a fully refurbished conveyer pulley as per client specifications, to a quality standard which is as good, or better than, OEM standard. All refurbishments are accompanied with a thorough report of the process.


Bearings and Seals

Demanding and harsh conditions require the full complement of the best bearing and sealing components to increase the conveyor pulley service life. Carters are partnered with SKF to offer mine specification 3 barrier technology bearing component solutions which are held in stock at our Bathurst branch. Carters uses the latest technology in bearing installation processes as well as trained technicians to deliver a reliable bearing package on time and in a safe manner.

Keyless Locking Elements

Locking elements for Carters refurbishments are sourced from reputable manufacturers to ensure they meet the load requirements of the conveyer pulleys application. Locking elements are installed and torqued with calibrated equipment as per manufacturer specifications.


Carters utilise two inhouse autoclaves and Elastotec approved applicators to install hot vulcanised rubber or ceramic lagging to conveyer pulleys with excess of 20n/mm of adhesion strength. Carters lagged pulleys boast no de-bonding or delamination as well as no area for moisture ingress to enter the pulley shell meaning the shell can be reused upon next refurbishment saving time and cost.


Acceptance Testing

As a final quality assurance inspection, Carters have the inhouse capability to complete a loaded vibration analysis survey of pulleys up to 30-ton gross mass. This service offers a quantifiable measurement of the pulleys health before it leaves the refurbishment centre ensuring confidence in the pulley when it is put into service.

Storage & Transport

Carters manufacture basic or fully engineered transport frames for conveyer pulleys equipped with lashing points and anti-brinelling devices. Pulleys are fitted with galvanised sheet lagging protection, anti-corrosion oils and tapes to exposed shafts to ensure the pulley is delivered safely and without undue damage.

Supply and Upgrade

Carters supply engineered conveyer pulleys as per OEM specification adhering to machining, welding and balancing tolerances and procedures. All pulleys are supplied with material certification, dimensional and balance reports. Carters can analyse and verify the engineering suitability of conveyer pulleys for the conveyer system and environment which they will be put in providing the best outcome for a replacement or upgraded pulley solution.

Other Services


Carters delivers a professional refurbishment service for other types of rotating equipment including but not limited to:

  • Industrial gear units
  • Bearing assemblies (flotation cells, pumps etc.)
  • Fans
  • Apron feeder assemblies
  • Thrust assemblies
  • Mill Pinions
  • Jackshafts
  • Fluid couplings

Onsite Installation & Maintenance

Carters have a dedicated rotating equipment installation and maintenance team ensuring a professional installation of your rotating equipment for maximum service life:

  • Pulley replacement
  • Gearbox replacement and inspection
  • Bearing replacement and inspection
  • Motor replacement
  • Laser alignment service
  • Gear alignment service
  • In-situ balancing service
  • Girth and pinion gear replacement
  • Coupling replacement

Preventative Maintenance

Our qualified and experienced staff can provide complete onsite management of preventative maintenance to avoid costly downtimes due to equipment failure, performing routine checks on your equipment to identify any problems that may arise, allowing you to focus on running your business.