What We Do Rotating Refurbishment/
Condition Monitoring


Carters is a fully SKF certified maintenance partner, as well as an approved Elastotec applicator with an in-house autoclave for all hot vulcanised rubber applications. With service vehicles and a fully-equipped workshop, we can offer a one-stop shop for your refurbishment requirements and give you peace of mind that your equipment is being refurbished with the most current technologies and industry-leading standards.

We can provide you with refurbishment and repairs to rotating equipment, such as the following: centrifugal pumps, volumetric pumps, vacuum pumps and compressors (wet and dry), steam turbines, gas turbines, ventilators, centrifuges, motors, gearboxes, mixing gear, conveyor pulleys, and more.


Using the latest in laser technology to perform alignments, our team can accurately measure vertical and horizontal alignment, along with some of the more complex alignment functions such as cardan shaft and universal joint parallel alignment.

Compensating for dynamic changes in machinery position such as those caused by thermal growth of machines, we can also measure more than two coupled machines during the same measurement process, allowing the aligner to align machine trains.

The fastest and most accurate form of measurement, being unaffected by gravity, our laser technology also boasts the following advantages:


Laser tools are rotated to various positions around the rotational centres of shafts, allowing the laser to measure just the rotational centres, being unaffected by shaft or coupling eccentricity and runout

On board software to calculate extremely accurate values for shimming and horizontal corrections

Live measuring modes to monitor the actual shaft rotational centres during the movement process, taking into account both intended and unintended movements, allowing the aligner to monitor total movement and know when to stop

Storing of the corrected alignment values digitally for later integration into maintenance recordkeeping

Programs to measure and correct soft foot, bolt bound or base bound conditions and other shaft alignment problems


Motion amplification technology measures deflection, displacement, movement and vibration not visible to the human eye. We utilise video camera technology in conjunction with our software and processing algorithms to extract meaningful data. This technology turns every pixel in the camera’s view into a sensor capable of measuring vibration or movement with high levels of accuracy.

The results lend themselves to a visualisation of the movement. We can measure and quantify any structural assets that a camera can see. Motion Amplification™ is a proprietary video processing algorithm that detects subtle movement, then increases that movement to a level visible to the naked eye which enhances the understanding of the components and interrelationships creating the motion.


Regular machine vibration monitoring is a cost-effective method of predictive maintenance to extend machine service life and prevent unplanned shutdowns.

We can perform regular vibration analysis of plant equipment as part of a preventative maintenance program, or as part of a root cause analysis service to determine the cause of a machine problem.

Conditions that can be detected before they cause machine breakdown are:

  • Misalignment
  • Balance issues
  • Mechanical looseness
  • Poor lubrication
  • Bent shafts
  • Motor current faults
  • Bearing damage